Zimbabwe president

The government of Zimbabwe has rejected a proposal by the countries Heads of Christian Denominations (ZHOCD) for the country to suspend national elections for seven years and focus on rebuilding a nation with a battered economy and deteriorating human rights record.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the move is unconstitutional adding that the principles of good governance include a multiparty democratic political system, universal adult suffrage and equality of votes; free, fair and regular elections, orderly transfer of power following elections, respect to the rights of all political parties; observance of the separation of powers and respect for the people of Zimbabwe, from whom the authority to govern is derived.

He said the idea of declaring a moratorium on the people’s right to vote for national leaders of their choice on the basis of challenges being faced in the country was as unpalatable as was the subversion of the very Constitution all Zimbabweans passed, and are sworn to uphold, respect and defend.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was elected president t of Zimbabwe on august 4th 2018 taking over from Robert Mugabe.