Why your New Year’s Resolutions keep failing, and how to keep them.

At the start of a new year, almost everyone I know makes a New Year’s resolution, however, once February starts to roll around it is easy to forget about something that a couple of weeks ago you were dedicating your life to, and let it fade into the background of your mind.

After talking to my friends about their resolutions and asking them why they failed to complete them, it was very clear to me that everyone had different individual reasons for why their resolutions tend to fail, however, it seems to boil down to these top 5 reasons.

Lack of time

One of the largest reasons people gave up on their New Year’s resolutions was the lack of time. Sure a couple of hours past Christmas dinner it is easy to want to lose weight but for most people, once the holidays end, and school or work is just around the corner, their dreams of six-pack abs and toned muscles begin to fade away as they get in their car for their first day back at work.

Simply being lazy

Another one of the top 5 reasons why resolutions fail is because you’re lazy. Plain and simple. Most people make resolutions that sound great, but in the oncoming days procrastination takes over and that initial fire you felt inside you have dwindled to a tiny spark that eventually dies out.

Burn out

Now, I must own up to something. I fit into this next category. People that have every intention of following through with their resolution, but eventually get burnt out. It feels like every year I come up with a great goal that fits where I’m at in life, I begin to follow through, dedicate days and days to completing my goal, but after the first or second week, I’m tired of it. One year I jumped headfirst into being vegan without even thinking about it or doing any research and about a week later I was tired of eating nothing buy veggie burgers.


The fourth reason why resolutions fail is that you are just too unorganized. This seems to be the downfall of a lot of my friends. They will be determined to meet a goal and about halfway through they forget to keep track of their progress, get frustrated and just give up.

Boring process

The fifth and final reason you probably won’t keep your New Year resolves is that you don’t enjoy the process. Sometimes you can become so focused on a result or end goal, that you forget you hate the steps you need to take to get there. For example, it feels like at least once a year I become infatuated with losing weight. I become obsessed with it, so obsessed that I forget that I hate working out.

A realization that slaps me in the face when I’m drenched in sweat, but my more athletic friends haven’t shown any sign of struggle.

I understand it seems impossible to keep your goals, but there is a foolproof, best way to keep them. Be realistic. Don’t try to overextend yourself, because you will wind up burnt out.

If you understand that you aren’t superhuman and pace yourself, then you are on track to a more fulfilling year.

Vivian kiffa