Here below are some reasons why it is important to eat at least three times a day;

Studies show that eating three meals a day may improve satiety and reduce hunger cues compared with higher meal frequency diets. Some people eat 5 to 6 times a day which is not good for the human heath if we talk healthy living. According to research and scientist it is proper to eat three times a day. It helps you keep your self in shape, reduces the rate at which you get hungry because your system will get used to your eating schedule.

Equally there are some people who tend to eat 1 time a day which is also not good for the human system. It is important to eat properly because the food you eat gives strength to your organs to function properly. Starving your self is not healthy because it can lead to other health issues like gastritis. RELATED: How Can I Stay Healthy Everyday?

1.  Can help with weight loss

When it comes to weight loss and body composition, eating frequently is not advisable. When you are trying to cut down some weight, eating all the time is not advisable. It is good to note that when you have a lot of weight, your appetite increases, which makes you want to eat almost all the time. So to cut down the weight, and cravings, you need to build up an eating schedule and follow it strictly. This is because when you follow the diet and eating program well, your body will turn to know at what time to expect food, thereby limiting what you eat.

2. It helps you to gain time:

Another benefit of eating three times a day is that you gain time. For example, if you are someone who eats let’s say six times a day, the time you spend eating you will have probably used that time to do other beneficial things. Limiting your eating and having an eating plan will help you to be heagain time to do other things.

3. Helps you aim for Optimal Calorie Distribution

Spending your whole day eating will cause you to lose track of how much calories you take in, especially if you choose to eat high-calorie snacks. That is to say, one advantage of eating 3 times a day is that you will be spreading your calories across your day, so you don’t get too hungry between meals. Eating three times, you have to eat well and so you are more likely to feel satisfied after each meal.

4. Helps you eat quality Meals

When you plan your meals, you tend to prepare quality food for yourself. You eat three times a day and eat very well mean while if you do not plan your eating time, you tend to eat quantity and not quality food. That is, you tend to eat anything you see coming your way.

5. Reduces the way you consume snacks:

Planning eating time helps you reduce the number of snacks you consume a day. It is important to note that, one thing that adds your weight is snacks. Eating a lot of snacks and chewable (chin-chin, peanuts, chips, biscuits, sweets etc.) when you plan your eating time you will be able to reduce the rate at which you consumes these snacks.