Coronavirus: WHO warns against drinking of “Covid-organic” from Madagascar.

The World Health Organization has called African presidents to order against the temptation to promote “Covid Organic” from Madagascar without any scientific tests of the product.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization warned, calling African leaders to order about their temptation to promote and consume the Covid-19 herbal tea from Madagascar.

According to the organization, the supposed anti-covid herbal tea has no been scientifically tested as a remedy against the Covid-19.

For some days now the president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina  has been delivering the product to several African countries.

The product which is made of artemisia, has been recognized for its therapeutic effect against malaria, with claims that it prevents and cures the coronavirus.

The product, called “Covid organic” have not been approved or backed by any scientific evidence as a cure or treatment to coronavirus.

In a press exchange, WHO Africa Officer Dr Matshidiso Moeti recalled the commitment of African leaders to value traditional medicines like every other by putting it into trial.

WHO warns the population against drinking of “Covid-organic” from Madagascar.

“Our (African) governments made a commitment in 2000 (…) to treat traditional remedies like other medicines by subjecting them to trials, WHO Africa Officer Dr Matshidiso Moeti said, and added, “I recommend that these resolutions (…) be followed”, she added, “we are living in difficult times, I can understand the need to find solutions but I encourage respect for the scientific processes on which our governments are committed”.

She called on African leaders to “have (his) product tested in clinical trials”  so as to “verify its effectiveness (…) and its safety in populations”.

The regional manager for the WHO was also concerned about the promotion of this herbal tea in conformity and compliance with preventive rules.

“Bragging about this product as a preventative might lead people to believe that they don’t need to follow other measures” such as regular hand washing or social distancing, Dr. Moeti warned.