Who is Nady Bamba, Laurent Gbagbo’s second wife?

Nady Bamba, in her forties, is a former journalist and mother of a child, Al Raïs Gbagbo.

She was formerly Africa Radio No. 1 Correspondent and founder of the Cyclone Communications Group. A practicing Muslim, and the second wife of Laurent Gbagbo, she won, and managed to become the communication leader of President Laurent Gbagbo, her husband.

She has been on exile in Accra, capital city of Ghana after Gbagbo failed and was dethroned in 2010.

This was because she wanted to avoid any attack from her husband’s opposition party. As a reminder, Laurent Gbagbo met Nady Bamba in 1990 during a stay in France, a year after the civil marriage with Simone Ehivet.

He made their union official in 2001, one year after his election as head of the highest office in accordance with the requirements and rules of the Muslim tradition. From their union is born a son. Nady Bamba is a woman full of tenderness and very humble.

Always present alongside her husband, she was great support. She currently lives in Brussels with her son, David Al Rais Gbagbo.

This is what allowed her to visit her husband in prison very regularly when he was in The Hague. A decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union has banned all travel to Europe.

For good reason, the Ivorian state accuses him of having financed destabilization operations. Thus, his property is currently frozen by the court of justice.