Global Fire Power ranks the world’s biggest military power.


Beginning 2006, Global Fire Power has been doing a classification of the world’s biggest military every year. Also known to be the Power index or the Military Power Index, the classification has made its top 25 biggest military in the world.

It is no doubt the World power, the United States of America remains the number one. The United States of America is thus ahead of Russia, China, India and Japan, which constitute the top 5 of this ranking.

Criteria for the classification

Global Fire Power puts in 50 indicators to arrived at its classification. Among these 50 indicators are budget allocated to defense, the number of armies and the diversity of armaments, whether those relating to the army, air and sea.

1- United States of America

2- Russia

3- China

4- India

5- Japan

6- South Korea

7- France

8- United Kingdom

9- Egypt

10- Brazil

11- Turkey

12- Italy

13- Germany

14- Iran

15- Pakistan

16- Indonesia

17- Saudi Arabia

18- Israel

19- Australia

20- Spain

21- Poland

22- Vietnam

23- Thailand

24- Canada

25- North Korea

Egypt is the lone Africa country to appear in the list. It is no doubt that Egypt has remained the strongest military power in Africa in history.