For a long time now Cameroonians have been asking the whereabouts of their First Lady, with alleged rumors of her death 

It’s been a while since Cameroonians saw their First Lady (her last seen was on the International Women’s day ) and , with everything her daughter has been posting on the internet how she is worried about her safety and the possibility treats to her life (Brenda Biya) there’s been a lot of speculation about the whereabouts of the First Lady .
People are beginning to be suspicious about her disappearance and there are even rumors about her being in a coma for a while and also rumors about her dying from Covid-19. With all these, nothing has been confirmed yet because no one knows if any of these is real. If she is alive or not it hasn’t been confirmed yet but the question remains “Where is Cameroon’s First Lady?”.

Despite the desperate cry for help from her only daughter, the First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya has not showed up to the rescue of her child.

Last week, a member of the Brigarde Anti Sardinard(BAS), in a video declared from a ” confirmed” source from the presidency that the First Lady Chantal Biya is death.

Not too long ago the driver of Chantal Biya was buried. It is alleged that he died of COVID-19, but was not made known to the public.

Could it be the First Lady has been contaminated by the virus? Cameroonians have been skeptical about the existence of their president for some time, now is the First Lady.

Where is The First Lady of Cameroon ,Chantal Biya?

Something seems to be bubbling at the Etoudi Unity Palace. No matter what happens, TIME is the ultimate factor.