What is an Entrepreneur?

The best way to answer the reason of being entrepreneur is to define what an entrepreneur actually is. The thing about entrepreneurship is that it is a huge financial risk. Meaning the person could lose or gain a substantial amount of money. When one wants to become an entrepreneur, they start by creating and operating their own business.

Own your own Business

They can have as many businesses as they can manage, and usually do this to avoid having to clock into a job they aren’t passionate about. The term nine to five is often the reason people decide to get creative and branch out to learn about entrepreneurship. No one wants to work hard all day to make money for someone else. While it is a much bigger risk, if successful, entrepreneurs can make big money.

Think of anyone famous you know. Celebrities, famous singers, high-end fashion designers, etc. All of these people have gone against the grain and made a name and lots of money for themselves.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere

From small businesses to large companies, you can now probably imagine all the people around you who can be considered entrepreneurs.

Social Media

There are also salable startups and social entrepreneurship. The fact that there are so many possible ways to support yourself without making money for someone else should be all the more reason of being entrepreneur. There even people who make videos or take pictures of their everyday lives. With enough views and fan interaction, the platforms where they posted will more than likely pay them to keep posting content. There are plenty of ways to start and something for everyone.

The Risk
Making money for yourself and on your own time is the ideal way to work, however, it should be noted that with great reward comes great risk. The thing about entrepreneurship is that it waits for no one. Go get started today.

Vivian  Kiffa