You think you are ready to move to the next level with your significant other. But what is it like? You see all these posts online seeing couples cooking together, laughing, and just doing basic everyday tasks together. But is that the real reality?

The Test

Usually, after dating for a while you guys are thinking about getting married to each other. Living together is a real test to determine if you want to be with this person forever. You might find out that certain things you do might clash with the other person or vice versa.

Everyone has a bad habit. Some of these habits we can live with, other ones we cannot.

Your Significant Other

Saving Money

One great thing about living with your lover is that you can pay your bills together. You can have one phone bill, one car insurance bill, and more importantly, one grocery bill.

To see each other, you probably went on a lot of dates. Now you can see each other every day. Most likely you would have dinner every night and watch a movie that’s on TV.



If you weren’t already living on your own, now you two can have more privacy. Maybe you had a roommate or still lived with your parents. You won’t need to worry about someone walking in on you anymore.

But, you will also have less privacy. You may have been used to doing things by yourself or preferred to do things by yourself. Unless that person is at work or out doing something, someone else is always going to be home with you.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

If you move in together, you won’t have to follow the same rules your parents gave you if you were living with them. But with old rules thrown out, you’ll need some new ones. You might be someone who likes to listen to loud music until midnight, and your significant other might like to be in bed by nine. You’ll have to make certain sacrifices or compromises when living with someone else.

You guys might start fighting or arguing over new things. You could be using all the hot water or didn’t put a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom when you used the last of it.

But It’s Still Fun

You two will be making new memories with each other and building a home together. Making breakfast and dinner together is loads of fun. You will be making most of your decisions with this person, sometimes it’s fun, but other times it can be stressful. Just remember, not every day is easy, but you should be having more good days rather than bad days.