The Recovery Period For Coronavirus(covid-19)

It takes two weeks for a person who is asymptomatic or mild symptoms to recover and % of those who get COVID-19 recover from the illness within a month or so . The coronavirus is a new novel virus that first appeared in Wuhan, China in November 2019 and was not disclosed until December 2019. A novel virus is a virus that has not been previously identified and is unknown to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention). The coronavirus is a flu-like disease but it is the Covid-19 development that often proves fatal, especially amongst the elderly and people with underlying health complications. Due to the scale of infection, the WHO declared the virus a pandemic in March 2020. A pandemic is a disease that is encountered around the world or in a good proportion of the universal population. The coronavirus is spread through air droplets from those infected by coughing or sneezing and lasts for 3 hours in the air and for 3 days on surfaces.

Symptoms of the coronavirus are as follows:

• A fever (when the body temperature exceeds 37.8C)
• A continuous coughing fit that happens more than three times in a day

From the day of infection, the coronavirus takes 3 to 14 days to show symptoms. This is known as the incubation period. When coronavirus symptoms occur, those infected are advised to stay isolated from others for 7 days. This means total isolation and not to leave the home for any reason and to stay away from everyone in extremis. For those living in communal accommodation (houses hares, residential homes, hostels, etc) they are advised to isolate for 14 days along with the other people they live with. This is the estimated and recommended time it takes to recover from the coronavirus. However, it is recommended that if these days have been reached and symptoms still persist, those infected are to double the isolation period until they are absolutely certain they are symptom-free. It is estimated that it takes 10 days after the last symptoms for the infection to leave the body, so strict self-isolation is still recommended. Those with Covid-19 symptoms have shown that the coronavirus is still present in their system 24 days after symptoms and can last for 37.

How to prevent Coronavirus

Due to the high infection rate of the coronavirus, it is highly recommended to stay indoors to prevent further spread of the disease. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in your immediate vicinity avoid touching your face or nose, wipe down all surfaces after use since the coronavirus can last on surfaces for 3 days. Make a habit of thoroughly washing your hands with antibacterial soap and not hand sanitizer. Soap has proven to be more effective in killing the virus.