What are 10 ways to keep your body healthy?

As we all know that there are many types of diseases in this era every single person suffers from many kinds of diseases because people don’t care their selves nowadays peoples are busy only to earn money but that’s another thing, but the question is how to protect ourselves from any kind of diseases so that’s the thing which we are discussing today how to keep your body healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, which is very important.

1). How jogging makes you healthy:



No doubt jogging is very good for your health the main is jogging is help you to lose your health it makes you fit it helps you to make your heart health good also reduce stress and depression and keep your mind healthy it makes your bones strong so it is the good way to keep your body healthy.

2). Is eating a variety of food good for health:

There are a lot of varieties of food are available in the market which also includes junk food and many types of drinks which is very bad for health junk food is full of oil which makes you fatty and it also increases the risk of heart diseases and the drinks such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Marinda, sting, etc, these drinks have more calories and types of chemicals which make you health bad.

3). Is diet food healthy for your health:

Everybody knows about dieting in which we never eat junk food avoid sweets things and also avoid sugar in dieting we only eat healthy food such as fruits nuts and peoples mostly eat green vegetables and there is no doubt that this thing is very good for health.

4). Are Drinking juices good for health:

The answer is yes! Drinking vegetables and fruit juices are very good for your health, drink both as a combination or separate it depend on your choice take it regular is very good for your health’s but take it with a lot of sugar it must be dangerous for your health.

5). Is eating fruits regularly is good for health:

Yes! Eating fruits regularly is good it makes your body energetic and it is also good for your health to eat it daily to decrease the risk of heart diseases and cancer

6). Is eating vegetables regularly good for health:

Yes obviously because vegetables have a lot of vitamins which are also very good for your health and make your look perfect.

7). Is Taking salt  good for your health:


It is bad for your health to take a large amount of salt it increases the risk of high blood pressure so it better is not to remove the salt on your food but try to take it in a small amount.

8). Is taking sugar good for your health:

Not! Previous we already talk about this topic, taking sugar is very bad for health even it is attractive and sweet but the food and drinks which contain sugar is highly bad.

9). Is sleeping late fine:

No! Sleeping late is not fine and it also acts on your health it affects your mental health and when you don’t take proper sleep so you feel lazy and tired the whole day and also difficult to make any kind of decisions. So make sure that you take sleeping properly.

10). Smoking is good or bad for your health:

Not, it damages our lungs and increase also the risk of lungs cancer and make heart diseases and there are a lot of side effects of smoking which we discuss later. If you want to live a healthy life then leave smoking.
So there are some tips in which we try to give you knowledge that how you keep your body healthy, if you follow these so definitely keep your body healthy and strong, hope you guys are enjoying it.