The age group is the most health conscious is Millennials


There are many groups of people in the country today. The United States has a diverse population to boast and health conscious activities are important. The food that the eat could influence their health status over time. Their lifestyle can also change figures for life expectancy and morbidity within these groups. The Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers represent the older populations today. The Millennials and generation  are the younger generation. But which of these groups is the most health conscious? The answer to that question could be quite complex for many people today. See what the government thinks and how statistical models could be influential as well.

Life expectancy

One figure is life expectancy, which impacts a number of generations. That shows the demographic trend for a lot of people today. Life expectancy has rose in the United States, but has not always kept up with worldwide trends. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are clearly influential to that trend. Some people live inactive and unhealthy lives, dragging down the overall figures for people. The lifestyle choices that they make might influence a number of figures. Better lifestyle habits will be vital for all generations later down the line. Young groups are clearly making an effort to change their lifestyle for the better. They use social media to post their successes and draw praise from many corners of their friends.

Lifestyle changes

The food people eat is also a big factor for lifestyle changes. Health conscious people tend to eat healthy, including big portions of fruits and vegetables. Unhealthy people stick to fast food and tend to gain weight over time. These groups are looking at food in all new ways. Fast food chains have responded and people want to choose healthier items. Track the trends and notice a marked lifestyle difference for people.