Virginia Pastor Who Posted About Coronavirus Being Mass Hysteria Dies of Virus

People coronavirus (COVID-19) is our new normal. It is not a hoax or an attempt to remove Donald Trump from office, it is not a punishment from God. This is a pandemic; it is affecting the whole world.
Taking the necessary precaution from the health professional does not and should not be at the expense of our faith. I believe in God but when I get in my car I put on my seat belt. I find the below article to be a stern warning to all of us; Christians and non Christians alike, this virus is serious and people are dying.
Please stay home.

Virginia Pastor dies of Coronavirus

“Do you all see how the media can manipulate your life?” he shared, just days before he lost his to COVID-19.

A Virginia pastor who claimed coronavirus was “mass hysteria” has died after contracting the virus.

Landon Spradlin, 66, became one of the state’s first victims of COVID-19 after falling ill following a trip to New Orleans with his wife.

According the Danville Register & Bee, the Christian “traveling musical minister” had spent a week on a ventilator fighting for his life with double pneumonia, before sadly succumbing.

Just days before falling ill, Spradlin shared a meme on Facebook suggesting the novel coronavirus was being hyped by the media to damage Donald Trump.

“President Trump: COVID-19 Coronavirus. US cases: 1,329. US deaths: 38. Panic level: Mass hysteria,” the post claimed. “President Obama: H1N1 Virus. US cases: 60.8million. US deaths: 12,469. Panic level: Totally chill.”

“Do you all see how the media can manipulate your life?”

While it was clearly not the intention of the meme’s original creator, had they followed through on the math, they would have realized COVID-19 was on track to potentially killing 9.3million Americans if left unchecked.

In the comments below his post, Spradlin claimed “I believe it is a real issue, but I believe the media is pumping out fear and doing more harm than good,” adding: “It will come and it will go.”

That same day he shared the “true story” of the faith healer John G. Lake, who it claimed was proven to be impervious to the bubonic plague thanks to his belief in God.

Landon’s wife of 35 years Jean tested negative for coronavirus; nevertheless she must remain in quarantine alone for at least another week in North Carolina – where they were traveling when he was struck down — because of her close proximity with him, out of fears she may still spread the virus.

On Thursday the number of recorded cases in the US hit 82,000, while the number of deaths passed 1,100.

Source: toofab

Please stay home. Practice social distancing if you must go out. And pray for the doctors and nurses and nurses assistants and janitors and all those who have to keep the hospitals and nursing homes running. We at Kiffasblog will do our best to bring you the latest news on COVID-19 from home.