Cardi B has been in the news a lot lately. Especially for her new political commitments, which Bernie Sanders congratulates!

Rapper Cardi B in politics? the idea might have seemed crazy a few months ago. But since Trump, everything seems possible! As a reminder, since Donald Trump’s actions towards Iran, the singer has stepped up.

Moreover, she did not hesitate to address the head of state directly and to show her disagreement with his actions. It seems that what’s going on in the world makes her want to get into politics.

Besides, an important person supports her positions! This could serve as a lever for the young woman’s career. Who could represent her community and raise her voice much more than in her sounds.

During her interview with Bernie Sanders, the singer appeared very relaxed!


Trump has been creating controversy with his decisions over Iran for the past few weeks. He ordered a raid on Iranian territory and resulted in the death of several people, including civilians.

Suffice to say that Internet users did not fail to react to this potential third world war. Including several stars, like Cardi B. “It puts all Americans in danger”. she said, also evoking her desire to get involved. “I am

seriously considering getting into politics. ”

This statement was taken seriously by Internet users, but especially by Senator Bernie Sanders. “Cardi B is deeply concerned about what is happening in the country (…) She knows what it is to live in poverty and the

struggle. It would be great for her to bring us her experience in current politics,” he said.

Source: MCETV