The president of the United States has tripled his HIV-AIDS assistance to Cameroon.

This is the content of a press release signed on Monday January 13, 2020 by the United States Embassy in Cameroon.

Apart from the diplomatic quarrel between the two countries, this is good news for HIV-AIDS patients. The United States has just tripled its HIV / AIDS aid in Cameroon. In a statement released on Monday, the US

Embassy congratulates the Cameroonian government on its decision to come to aid with “the costs of screening, consultations and biological tests for HIV in public health facilities. And also approved community

organizations ”.

According to the press release from the embassy, ​​”the removal of these financial barriers to access to healthcare will help Cameroon to contain the HIV epidemic. It also reflects the cooperation of the governments of

Cameroon, the United States and other actors in the fight against HIV. ” We read in the press release. For the United States, Paul Biya’s country has made a historic commitment.

5.7 billion!

Thus, “the United States tripled its aid to the Cameroon HIV / AIDS program to more than $ 97 million, Or 5.7 billion CFA francs for the year 2020 “. Writes the ambassador in his press release. Cameroon has almost

530,000 people living with HIV. In July 2019, only 58% of these patients had access to antiretroviral therapy. “With the removal of fees for HIV services, the financial barrier to treatment is reduced and many more

people should be able to get tested, undergo treatment and have their viral load supported.” The US government, through Pepfar, is proud to partner with the Cameroonian government and people to accelerate

progress. ” Concludes the press release from the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon.

By Subiru M