Rapper The Game accuses Oprah Winfrey of belonging to a sect.

One more statement that gradually nails the famous TV presenter. The Game joins 50 cents and Russell Simmons who accuse Oprah

Winfrey of belonging to a sect.

At the origin of this accusation “MeToo Documentary”, the program aims to present sexual assaults in the musical field.

The rapper notes that it targets the black race more and that Oprah is participating in legitimizing this package.

Her documentaries seem to target only African-American figures.

According to him, this is not normal when we look at the difference between white accused of sexual assault and who come out unscathed,

and blacks like R. Kelly and Bill Cosby who turn around every day in prison. “I don’t know how complicated it can be when you get so rich,

there’s a secret society up there…” says The Game. According to him, she obeys the orders of her hierarchy of occult sciences.

Recall that Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954, Kosciusko, Mississippi, U.S. American television personality, actress, and

entrepreneur whose syndicated daily talk show was among the most popular of the genre. She became one of the richest and most

influential women in the United States.

By Subiru Madina