The cousin of the murdered wife has revealed the details surrounding the reason for the murder and suicide action of Christophe Takam.


On Sunday, a Cameroonian by name Christophe Takam committed suicide after murdering his wife. After several versions from different unconfirmed sources about the story, the cousin of the murdered wife confided in radio Equinoxe.

The source revealed what happens. According to the story, the wife had filed for a divorce to go settle with her South African boyfriend.

Sourced from 237 Actu, the cousin narrated:

“My brother-in-law divorced his wife some time ago. We did everything, we tried to fix the problem without success. The guy did not agree to the divorce, unlike his wife. I told my cousin that “we don’t do that”, but she replied that “I don’t want to understand anything anymore”. The guy came here to Cameroon, he went to see his wife’s mother, tell her that ” mom, ask your daughter to withdraw her divorce request. Divorce in the United States is very difficult, if I divorce, I will have nothing. ” The mother did not want to understand. My brother-in-law also could not bear the fact that the house he bought was taken away and that the girl went to take a white man with whom she lived. Apparently it was her childcare week. Arriving at his home (this fateful Sunday, note), he saw his wife’s new boyfriend’s car parked at the entrance. He called us to complain. We tried to ask him to move on, to start his life over. But he said he can’t bear it. This is how he entered the house, shot his wife before turning the gun on himself and killing himself. By the time her first son called the police, the two were already on the ground”.