The United States of America have called on the authorities of Cameroon to call and organize a sincere and “true dialogue” to provide solutions for the ongoing Anglophone crisis paralyzing the two English speaking region of the country.

The United States  Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy, while addressing the U.S Parliament on Tuesday November 19, 2019 on the socio-political issues in Cameroon said the Major National Dialogue was more of a symbolic event and called on the Cameroon government to organize and sincere and “true dialogue”.

According to the Tibor Nagy, some ”ill advisers” of president Paul Biya have made him believe that the military option used by the Cameroon government is the best, but that isn’t the case. To him this can’t be the best solution to the crisis.

Citing the case of the U.S and other nations he said “The truth is it’s not going to be won militarily … You can’t wipe out a thought militarily,”

Tibor Nagy also went further to disclose that the government’s ability to resolve the crisis by radicalizing some Cameroonians has made some Cameroonians to start thinking a separate country could bethe better way out.

He further said “For the crisis to end, there has to be a true dialogue and a transfer of power to the regions”.

Basically the National Dialogue that was organised some months ago has not produced any fruitful result to bring the crisis to an end. There have been irrational and indiscriminate killings and kidnappings from both the military and the separatist. It seems like the National Dialogue came to provoke the situations. Cameroonians have been calling for peace and the withdrawal of the military by the government in the two English speaking regions.

Tibor Nagy, among others have always has always wanted a sincere and true dialogue with the separatist as a way forward to put an en to the Anglophone crisis.