Coronavirus: United States Ambassador to Burkina Faso tested positive with coronavirus.

Andrew Young announced on his twitter page that he was tested positive with the coronavirus

The coronavirus has proven to be no respecter of persons.

It takes whoever falls victim, no matter the personality.

This time around it is the United States ambassador to Burkina Faso who was tested positive for the coronavirus.

He made the announcement himself on Sunday through his twitter page.

“I received a positive test for COVID-19,” Andrew Young wrote on Twitter.

Andew Young also announced that containment measures for all the United States embassy members have been taken.

“The US embassy has taken steps to quarantine members of the affected community,” he said.

According to Andrew Young, the doors of the US embassy remains open to all her citizens.

He also added that efforts are taken to support the government of Burkina Faso to fight against Covid-19.

Burkina Faso is among those French African countries with the highest case of the coronavirus.

Official figures currently show that Burkina Faso has 75 cases of contamination.

Among the infected 75 persons, four are her government ministers.

Burkina Faso to date has recorded five death cases.

Despite the measure taken by the Burkinabe government, the number is gradually rising.

Africa has taken over a rise in the record of the coronavirus, as China reports no new cases.

In Cameroon, the numbers left from addition to multiplication.