Her name is Emmanuella Mayaki, a 10-year-old coding and programming prodigy who recently received her first job at the Southfield Primary School in Coventry, England, as the after school coding club teacher. The school believes Emmanuella is deeply passionate about sharing knowledge with kids like her because she wants to create a better future using innovation and computer skills.

Emmanuella enrolled in 2018  to study web development and graphic design at NIIT and enrolled for Mobile App Development at Tech24. She later developed her personal mobile app which she designed and hosted her website, known as Emma’s ICT Academy.

She continues to actively learn other coding languages and programs to expand her knowledge as she does not rest on her achievements. Passionate about her aspirations, she said: I want to become a machine learning engineer because I have experience in programming and my job is to program a machine to perform specific tasks. My knowledge of modern software such as Eclipse, which I use to program Java applications, is also part of the reasons I want to be a machine learning engineer.”

She will be responsible for teaching other kids of her age about the basics of coding including HTML and CSS.

Worth to note is the fact that Coding or computer programming is what makes it possible for one to create computer software, apps, and websites. It is one of the leading skills in transforming the world. Children can easily learn how to code from as little as the age of 5.