Trump allies concerned he doesn’t understand gravity of impeachment fight.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump and those close to him have lagged in mounting a viable defense nearly a week since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she would launch a formal impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi and her deputies have signaled they’ll work quickly to depose key players in the Ukraine scandal, hoping for swift proceedings that won’t spill into the 2020 election year. But Trump has been slow to cobble together a response, convinced he has no need for a separate impeachment team and confident in his own ability to counter-message Democrats, multiple sources close to the White House told CNN.

Six days after Pelosi’s announcement, there is now a growing concern among the President’s allies that he doesn’t understand the implications of what lies ahead or how quickly it’s moving.

Trump spent the weekend on the phone with aides and allies, railing against the whistleblower and those who provided the person with information related to his phone calls with foreign leaders, according to people familiar with the conversations.

He also waged battle on Twitter, calling for the outing of the whistleblower, demanding the House intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff be questioned for treason after he read a fictionalized version of the President’s call with Zelensky and accusing officials who provided the whistleblower with information of spying.