Ms Ricky Nathanson and her legal team have released a statement saying that they have been compensated by a court in Zimbabwe with an amount of $25,000 (£19,000) after police arrested her in 2014 for wearing female clothes and using a lady’s toilet in a hotel in the second city, Bulawayo.

The transgender activist was acquitted by a local magistrate’s court and approached the High Court seeking $2.7 million damages for unlawful arrest, illegal detention, malicious prosecution and emotional distress.

“This has been a long, emotional roller coaster for me,” Nathanson said in a statement jointly issued with a Johannesburg-based legal charity, the Southern African Litigation Centre (SALC).

“I have waited almost five years for this moment. I am elated,” she said in the statement.

“This is an incredibly life-changing decision. It is a great moment for Zimbabwe,” said Nathanson, who is now living in America where she works as an activist for a human rights organization.

This might not have been possible in the days of former president Robert Mugabe who in 2010 called gays as being worst than pigs and dogs.