If there’s one aspect of my childhood that I’ll never forget, it’s when my mom would braid my hair. Every morning before school, she would part my hair into four or five sections, give me some chunky plaits, then tie the ends with bobos or a clip.

It’s been years since I’ve worn my hair like that, much less even thought about the style, but Tracee Ellis Ross just brought it back for a shoot with W magazine — and it nearly made my heart flutter.

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Self-proclaimed official curl queen and celebrity hairstylist Nai’vasha created the nostalgic look for the actress. But while neither her nor Ross got into the styling details on Instagram, it looks as though the stylist wrapped kinky extensions around Ross’ natural hair, then added picked-out, voluminous curls at the bottom. So simple, yet showstopping.

Tracey Ross

The actress has been giving black women hair inspiration since Girlfriends premiered in 2000, and nearly two decades later, nothing has changed. In fact, in her interview with W, Ross shared that while she only launched her haircare line Pattern in September, she’s been thinking about creating the brand for 20 years. “Our culture now sees a broader spectrum of beauty, so a line like this is possible,” she said. “I want women to find their most beautiful hair in their own bathrooms, just like they find their style in their own closets.”

Ross truly wore the perfect style to share those words. Not only were they touching, but her hair brought us all back to a time when we weren’t afraid to be a little more carefree with our curls.

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