Tips on how to resist Smoking Cravings

Smoking is considered an addiction because once started it is not really easy to stop it. Smoking has negative effects on the human health. In case you smoke and you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, then start by quitting smoking.

When you are a tobacco addict, stopping it is not really easy. When trying to stop the smoking habit, that is when the cravings increase rapidly. Making it hard to stop.

Not that, nothing is hard to stop when you are determined, and focused.

Use these few tips which will help you reduce and resist smoking cravings.

Each time you resist a tobacco craving, you’re one step closer to stopping tobacco use for good.

Make a quit smoking plan

The secret to this is being determined. Set a time frame which you will have to stay without smoking. On the last day, do an evaluation of yourself then set a longer time frame and see how resistant you get. This will help you monitor yourself.

Say to yourself each time you have a craving, “Not even a single drag”, and stick with it.

Be a positive thinker

Stopping something you are addicted to is not easy and it comes with a lot of challenges. That is why no matter what, have a positive mind set that you can do it.

You may have tried quitting smoking and it did not work. Keep on trying. Be positive.

Stay away from friends who smoke

When trying to stop a habit, it is good to abstain from those who practice that habit, because they can easily influence you.

Make friends with people who will help you in your no smoking journey.

Also, fight envy. Do not see people smoking and envy them.

Identify when you crave for cigarettes

If you have the craving at a particular hour of the day, it is important to note that period.

It will create a consciousness in your mind and with this you will be able to instill resistive Technics.

Each person has his own way of craving, his own time and length. A craving can last 5 minutes so it is left to you to know how to manage your craving when it comes.

Chew your craving away

When you have the tobacco craving, keep your mouth busy. You can decide to chew candy, chewing gum, raw carrots, nuts and celery. You can also decide to chew crunchy foods that will eventually satisfy you in the long run.

Other ways through which you can resist smoking are;
  1. Avoid things that will trigger your craving
  2. Delay yourself each time you feel a craving
  3. Get a distraction. Do physical activities. (Running, dancing, squats, deep knee bends, push ups etc)
  4. Practice relaxation techniques (muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, massage etc)
  5. Join support groups both online and onsite.
  6. Remind yourself of the benefits behind stopping smoking.
  7. Keep yourself busy
Note that, smoking is not good for the health and it greatly increases the risk of getting respiratory diseases, cancers (especially lung cancer and mouth cancer), stroke, and heart disease.