Tips For Success Dress For A Job Interview

Appearance plays a vital role in a job interview, perhaps for the most part. This is usually the first impression, and 90% of the time, the first impression appears with what you wear. With that in mind, I’ll show you exactly how to get a job interview.

Wearing a suit

A dark blue, gray, or black. There are no copies or lines, and make sure they are discreet. Wear a white shirt / long-sleeved shirt under it. The interviewer will expect all applicants to be dressed this way. If you do not, it will distinguish you in a very negative way!

Make sure your hair is well combed: a hairstyle can be an enormous personal part of someone, so it’s best to make sure it’s clean and tidy, with minimal product use.

Use back perfume.

The odor is a sure sign of someone who does not know how to wear a job interview. Sure, you might like the scent of CK’s latest fragrance, but what if the questioner hates her? Worse yet, what if they suffer from allergies and speak to you? Many interviewees find it not professional to wear perfumes, etc., to conduct an interview, so even if they like the smell, you might be yourself. You can avoid this when possible by making sure that the shower is raining freshly before entering the interview, so that it smells good and clean and avoids the need for perfumes.
Fresh breathing

This is necessary but often overlooked. You don’t want to get into a real interview and chew gum or suck a coin, even if you think you can hide it from those you’re interviewing, there is always a possibility to notice! Instead, chew gum or air out for ten or twenty minutes before entering the building, then dispose of it upon entry.

No jewelry

The wedding/engagement ring is roughly the maximum, maybe a college ring. The interviewer will notice more than this and will do nothing but show that you’re unprofessional, and no matter how elegant you are, wearing a lot of jewelry is not how to wear a job interview!

Carry bag/bag: If you have any need to carry some bag, bring a bag. Any other kind of backpack/bag is a nono. If you are taking something else for an interview, you are telling the interviewer, “I just put this suit for the interviews, I’m not quite professional as you can see in this bag.” This is not what we want to show the researcher.