It is good to start by noting that, up to 60% of the human body is made up of water, therefore meaning that water intake is very important for the human body. Given our busy schedule and work time, some people turn to forget to drink water throughout the day or for more than 8 hours which is very bad for human health.

As we work throughout the day, we lose water constantly through our skin, urine, waste, sweat, and even when we breathe. So, it is important to stay hydrated so that you can replace the water that leaves your body every minute and second.

Do you have difficulties gaining hydration throughout the day? Below are some simple tips to use that will help you in your hydration desires;

Tips for staying hydrated

1. Set reminders (alarms)

in case you are someone who is very busy and at times or most often forget to drink water, it is important to set an alarm that will remind you about having to drink water. For example, you can decide to set an alarm after every 2 to 3 hours so that you will be able to drink water every three hours. Also, there are water reminder applications you can download on your mobile phone.

2. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times

one reason why you might forget about drinking water could be the fact that you do not have water around you, or maybe where you have to get water from is very far. So in order not to be faced with such challenges, it is advisable to get (buy) a water bottle so that you will be able to have water by your side all the time and everywhere you go.

3. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning

drinking water first thing as you get out of bed might sound weird and even taste weird but it’s a good way to start the day. This is advantageous because it gets your metabolism running and gives you an energy boost.

4. Drink a glass of water before each meal

It will help you stay hydrated, help your body digest food better and help you feel full faster.

5. Check the color of your urine

Dark yellow urine may be a sign of dehydration for some. It is for this reason that, some people check the color of their urine throughout the day to ensure it is clear or light-colored.

6. Set a daily goal

challenge yourself every day to drink a certain level of drinking water. This goal and challenge will help you to be very conscious.

Take your time and try these simple steps and see how it is going to be of great advantage to your health.