The Supreme Court has Grant Trump’s appeal not to show his Financial Records

The Supreme Court has halt the release of President Trump’s financial records till further notice. The Court of Appeal which gave a go ahead for Trump’s financial documents to be released has been challenged by the Supreme Court who has halt it, at least for the moment. Trump’s lawyers took the matter to the Supreme Court to counter the decision of the Court of Appeal who gave the permission for those documents to be released.

The Supreme Court has now rule in favor of Trump and denied that the records won’t be released on Wednesday as was previously scheduled. The Supreme Court did not set a particular date in which the documents should be released but instead asked for the House to re-join on Thursday to Trump’s appeal to block the subpoena. On Monday, the House said it would endorse a 10-day postponement to give the justices more time to consider a legal arguments.

However, even though the Court of Appeal had refused Trump’s plea not to show his tax returns and that the subpoena could be enforced as early as Wednesday. Trump’s personal lawyers after this ruling immediately rushed the matter to the Supreme Court asking the justices to freeze the deadline which was set for Wednesday as they wanted to give the President more time to appeal the ruling.

Never the less, this case has mark a turning point in Trump’s legal squabbling over this issue that has bugged him since the beginning of his presidency. Two cases concerning his financial documents are currently before the Supreme Court and everyone is looking at the justices particularly Trump’s two nominees in order to see whether they will see the issues presented differently than the majority of the lower courts that have giving a categorical loss to the President.

The House Oversight Committee had issued a subpoena since last April to Trump’s longtime accounting firm for his financial documents concerning the President and his companies for the years before and during his presidency.