This morning Barristers Yong, Ndong and Ndetan went to SED this morning at 9:00am. We gave a list of the following persons to see, Abdul Karim Ali, Beza Berist, Mama Grace, Gladys Bissama and Ndi Nkwain.
The first to be brought was Abdul Karim Ali. He narrated that he was invited by the Swiss government and the HD the Swiss NGO.
When he arrived Switzerland, he discovered that Boh Herbert, Dr Akwanga Ebenezer and Dr Sako were equally invited to the gathering. He took pictures, and a CD on Ambazonia was handed to him which he dropped in his bag.
After their meeting, he fled back to Douala and because he had to report to the Swiss embassy to see the Ambassador in Yaounde and say he us back as promised.
On getting out of the embassy he was approached by plain clothes gendarmes who told him they have come for him. He asked why, but was brutally ejected into the car.
The security guards at the Swiss embassy came asking why Karim was treated as such the gendarmes drove off.
He was taken to SED and questioned on his trip to Switzerland. That’s his crime and charges against him ranges from Accessory to terrorism, secession, and apology to terrorism.
The investigator took him to the commissaire du gouvernement and we followed him there. He was later sent back to SED for further investigations. And we left MTY at past 5pm
While at SED and before going to TMY we spoke briefly with Anu’s mother, wife of field Marshall. Their case comes up on the 15th October 2019 for the habeas corpus we filed. It has delayed because of the lawyers strike.

Barrister Ndong Christopher.

Source: Kemi Ashu