Daphne in a disturbing state of health: The singer collapses on stage during a show in Atlanta!

The Cameroonian musician multiplies her successes and prices since the launch of her career with her hit “Calée” which propelled her to the front of the international scene.
But the success has this peculiarity, it requires a lifestyle of one hundred per hour, between recordings, filming, TV interviews and benefits.
A rhythm that ended up threatening Daphne’s health, who fainted in the middle of one of her performances in the United States. Being there for some time, for the African Music Awards, Daphne suffered the consequences of a life, conditioned by the performances and the many shootings.
This infernal pace that ended up making our young star dizzy.
The best female artist of francophone Africa in 2019 did not finish her last performance, which was held in Atlanta, because of a malaise.
In front of a delirious crowd, the star collapsed because of accumulated fatigue.
On the video that circulates on Facebook, we see it unconscious in the arms of a man who leaves the room crowded with people. According to some sources, the Cameroonian singer would be sick for several days but did not want to disappoint his fans by canceling his performance.
With regard to her fans, several artists made a publication to wish a quick recovery to Daphne. This is the case of Mama K-Tino who wrote at the top of the video in which Daphne lost consciousness: “courage to my daughter Daphne who fainted in the USA”.
“I just learnt that my kid sister Daphne had a malaise on stage. My prayers are with her. I hope this is nothing serious. Take my love and that of all Cameroonians and Africans who love you. Much Love,” Charlotte Dipanda added on her official Facebook account.
Note that some hours later, it was announced by closed sources to the artist that all is well and she is back on her feets.