Working from home sounds like a great option in the world today. In some ways it really is great, but there are some realities to working from home that make it tougher than you might think.

COVID 19 working from home

Working from home with kids

Let’s face it, many of us have kids, and families with children have many distractions at home that make a home office a little more challenging that one might originally think. Working from home during the coronavirus outbreak means the dual duties of trying to keep up with your job and also keeping your kids busy. Kids, especially young kids, need so much attention to keep them from getting bored, as well as reassurance against becoming fearful of the coronavirus.

mom working from home

Also, if you are not familiar with trying to work from home, take a look at your internet data plan and your computer setup at your home office. It’s very likely that your internet speeds will be a bit slower and you may need to beef up your plan or possibly try to restrict how much data your kids are using while you are working from home.


That’s not to say that being able to work from home isn’t a good thing though. The ability to keep yourself and your children safe from the coronavirus outbreak is worth any difficulties that one may face while trying to work from home. It is a luxury that many people around the world don’t have and we should all be appreciative of it.

So if you are thinking of working from home, think ahead and be realistic. Realize that you will not be as productive as usual. Give yourself more time to accomplish your goals. Realize that you are going to have kids barging into your office wanting lunch or needing you to grab a board game off the top shelf in the playroom. You are going to have phone calls interrupted. But also try to appreciate the feeling of security you have inside your home. Keep your stress levels down and take it one day at a time.