What is Paleo Diet?

Dieting is a normal thing in this generation today though most people go in for Keto diet which is a popular diet in this generation, used by those who want to lose some weight. It is good to note that apart from keto diet, there is also what we call paleo dieting. Paleo diet to begin with, suggests that humans need to go back to the way we ate in the Paleolithic era: Lean meats, fish and nuts are some examples of foods allowed on the paleo diet.

Foods that are used for the paleo diet include, High protein organ meats, Fish, Fresh fruit, and None starchy vegetables like lettuce, asparagus, green beans and broccoli.

Foods that are not allowed for this diet program includes: Grains like oats, wheat and barley, Starchy vegetables like potatoes, High-fat meats like hot dogs and ribs, and also Sugars like honey, soda, candy, cookies.

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The pros and cons of the paleo diet

The Pros
  • Eat neatly: the paleo diet actually removes all forms of processed foods and sugars, you will have a significantly cleaner lifestyle You are more likely to eat a clean diet.
  • Great satiety: when you follow the paleo diet, what you eat makes you feel full longer and therefore eat fewer meals. Also, when you follow this diet, they help you keep this meal plan well
  • More nutrients. The paleo diet forces you to eat a lot of meat, which contains necessary nutrients including iron.

The Cons

Lack of money. The paleo diet is expensive because it entails a lot. With paleo diet, you need to have meat near it.

Dieting is very important and it is good for you to note that, this is one of the fast-growing trends for those who want to shade some weight from their bogy.

If you plan on doing any diet, then it is advisable to go to do a research on the two different diets spoken about here and you will better understand what will suit your system and also if you can afford it.