These gift items include some foodstuffs like rice, plantain, cooking oil, blankets washing soap and other social necessities to help the victims with daily needs
The minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji Paul says these gifts do not include the 200 million CFA financial assistance promised to the victims by the president and Head of State Paul Biya.

Bafoussam 2019

These items come in to assist victims of a terrible landslide that took place in Gouache, West region of Cameroon on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, which took away over 40 lives from 13 different families, with a man losing his entire family of wife and four children.


The minister of Territorial administration had visited the victims and bereaved families some days ago and promised them that the government will assist them financially in burying those that died in the incident of the landslide. It should be recounted that several homes were reported destroyed as a result of the landslide, rendering some of the victims homeless. Artists like Stanley Enow and Maahlox showed their kind gestures too by providing the victims and bereaved families with some food items such as bags of rice and other basic necessities.