Coronavirus: The first covid-19 vaccination trial have started in Africa.

Nervous volunteers received injections on Wednesday in the first covid-19 vaccine trial.

South Africa have joined Great Britain and Brazil in a large scale trial of a covid-19 vaccine that was developed at the Oxford University in Britain.

South Africa has recorded one of the highest confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Africa, with over 106,000 cases and more than 2,100 deaths recorded.

The highest death toll in a day in South Africa was announced on Tuesday; 111 persons died.

According to a volunteer who was scared, it was necessary to know the effects of the study of the vaccine.

“I feel a little scared, but I want to know what’s going on with this vaccine so I can tell my friends and others what’s going on with the study, “said  Junior Mhlongo, one of the vaccine trial volunteers.

As countries across Africa relaxes their restrictions due to economic pressures from citizens who have to feed their families, the African continent now has over 325,000 cases.

Africa is seen as the next hot spot for the virus as the continent experience shortage of medical supplies and test equipment.