Sugar: Effects of excess sugar on your health

According to Wikipedia, Sugar is the generic name for sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food. Sugar is found in many different products and according to some experts, many chronic diseases we are faced with today is because of excess consumption of sugar.

In the society today, it is known by many that sugar gives energy especially to kids, but it is very easy for someone to get diabetes or even get obese because of excess sugar. It should be noted that, sugar is found in many different things like sugar-sweetened beverages and when taken in excess, the side effects are very costly to the human health.

Drinks like sodas, juices, sweet tea contain a type of sugar called fructose and compared to glucose, fructose causes you to desire for more food and also causes hunger. With this desire, you can easily consume a high quality of these sweetened beverages which can possibly lead to weight gain.

white powder sugar

Below is a list of 5 different effects of excess sugar on the human health.

1.Sugar Increases Your Risk of having Cancer

Firstly, obesity is gotten from the high intake of sugary foods and beverages. When you are obese there is a high chance for you to easily get cancer. Also, too much sugar in your body can cause insulin resistance which can lead to one type of cancer. Equally body inflammation is also caused by excess sugar in the body.

According to some research, cancer of the small intestine, esophageal cancer and pleural cancer can be caused when there is a high consumption of sugar.

2.Sugar Increases Your Risk of having Heart Disease

Heart disease is common worldwide and has killed so many people. It should be noted that, high sugar consumption might lead to heart disease. That is, diets with lots of sugar will can cause, obesity, increase in blood sugar and also blood pressure levels, which are actually risk factors for heart diseases.

In other to avoid reaching this level in our health and keeping our health intact, it is important to greatly reduce your high sugar consumption because one sugary drink a day will put you over the recommended daily limit for added sugar.

3.Sugar Increases Your Risk of having Diabetes

In the whole world today for the past 30 years, diabetes is one of the known diseases and one high cause of this disease is excess sugar.

The highest way to get diabetes is obesity, and obesity is often gotten from high sugar consumption. High-sugar consumption drives resistance to insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates blood sugar levels. When your insulin resistance is tempered with, your blood sugar level will increase and may lead to diabetes if it is not taken care of in time.

4.Sugar Accelerates Skin Aging

A diet high in refined carbs and sugar when consumed in excess will lead to the production of AGEs, which can cause your skin to age earlier than expected. So if you eat unhealthily and take in a lot of sugar, you are indirectly speeding your aging process.

When the elastin in your body is damaged because of your poor diet, your skin begins to sag and loose its firmness. It should be noted that, wrinkles are a natural sign of aging so sugar doesn’t cause them.

5.Other Risk of high sugar consumption

  • High sugar consumption will drain your energy
  • Eating too much sugar can cause cavities that is, too much sugar can seriously affect your dental health.
  • High sugar consumption can increase your risk of having kidney disease.
  • High-sugar consumption can lead to impaired memory and have been linked to an increased risk of dementia (43).

To conclude, everything is good for the body, but when abused or taken in excess, it has its side effects that are not good for the human health. So be careful and conscious about how much sugar you take a day, so that you can live a healthy life.