South African Woman Caught For Purportedly Attempting To Smuggle Drugs Into A Durban Prison

smuggling drugs into prison

A woman has been caught with 200 capsules of a drug hidden in her underwear attempting to smuggle it into a Durban prison this Sunday.
The department of correctional service spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo said, this is the second incident recorded in a space of 2 weeks at this same correctional facility.
In the statement made public, he signaled that this act must be condemned by all, and also added that, in a bid to prevent this from reoccurring, “Correctional Services has been applying different methods in its drive to prevent contraband entering into correctional facilities. This is to counter and be ahead of traffickers who disguise as visitors, employing creative tactics in their trade,”.
The Department of Correctional Services (DCS), is said to be doing all in a bid to ensure that this vice of smuggling not only drugs into prisons but other harmful items is completely stopped.