South Africans have been celebrating after their rugby team beat England 32-12 in the world cup final in Japan.
The victory under Siya Kolisi, the team’s first black captain, was another symbolic moment for the Springboks.In 1995, former President Nelson Mandela’s famously celebrated on the podium with captain Francois Pienaar after their first world cup win.

South African rugby team

This is the third time that the Springboks have won the trophy equalling New Zealand’s record.
“We are so grateful to the people of South Africa,” Kolisi said after the match.
“We have so many problems in our country. [The team] come from different backgrounds and different races and we came together with one goal and we wanted to achieve it.
“I really hope we’ve done that for South Africa, to show that we can pull together if want to achieve something.”

People celebrating

South Africans celebrating

President Ramaphosa came to power in February last year promising a change from the economic problems and corruption that dogged his predecessor Jacob Zuma’s presidency.

But he has struggled to turn things around.

Despite a burgeoning black middle class, the economic inequalities that apartheid entrenched live on, 25 years after its demise.

Land ownership remains a major issue with the white minority still owning a disproportionate amount. The governing ANC has pledged to deal with this, but it is not yet clear how.

M.r Ramaphosa will hope that the nation can be inspired by the Springbok captain’s words, but come Sunday morning South Africans will still face these problems.

Source: BBC