Some Veterans are boycotting the Veteran’s Day parade this year because Trump intends to participate

Veterans’ Day which is a holiday that honors men and women in the United States who served in the army. The name was changed from Armistice to Veterans’ Day by the 83rd US congress which was approved on the 1st of June 1954, and November 11 was set as the day to honor war heroes, which is celebrated yearly on the birthday of the end of   World War 1 – November 11.

The most recent statistics shows that there are over 19.2 million veterans in the United States, of which 9 million veterans are more than 65 years old.

However, Veterans’ Day which is usually a day about unity is no longer the case as some veterans have decided not to attend the Veteran’s Day Parade because Trump plans to take part in this year’s parade set to take place today the 11th of November in New York City.

Paul Rieckhoff told CNN that he will be boycotting this year’s parade because Trump who is the direct opposite of what Veterans’ Day means to the American people will be attending it even though no other president have done so in the past.

He further explains that Veterans’ Day is usually about Unity and not politics but the US has become everything but unity. The mere presence of Donald Trump alone is going to make it about politics. He went further in the interview with CNN to say the country is now very divided and just the presence of Donald Trump alone is going take the day from what it is supposed to be to a political arena and hence he will not be attending the Veterans’ Day parade to take place in New York City.