NW region Cameroon

Solution to poor road infrastructures in the North West Region of Cameroon in The pipeline

Cameroon has acquired a 20 million USD loan for the construction of a 357 km ring road  to Nigeria.

The government of Cameroon reached an agreement with the African development bank for this project which will connect the North West Region passing through 6 divisional capitals  in the North West thus solving the perennial problem of poor road infrastructures in the region.

This project is said to be in line with the governments growth and employment strategy paper 2010 – 2020 which is aimed qt building an integrated and efficient transport network at low cost that will cover the entire country and in turn opening it to neighboring ones to effectively enhance growth and also reduce the rate of poorverty.

The North West Region has a total of 4,200km of road network, 350km of which are paved. Stakeholders which include officials of the Ministry of Public Works, control engineers, road construction and civil engineering companies, amongst others will examine some of the road infrastructure projects being executed.