Having swollen feet’s is not really strange especially for pregnant women, but swollen feet’s often occurs when you stand for long, or walk for long, when you travel for long hours and your feet’s are in tight shoes and lastly when you are pregnant. Another thing that can cause swelling on the feet are diseases like heart, kidneys, liver and veins infection etc.

Swelling feet happens when the body retains fluid in your lower legs, ankles and feet. This swelling affects both feet’s an it is very uncomfortable. RELATED: Simple Home Remedies to Combat Stinky Feet

Simple home remedies for swollen feet include;

1. Raise your feet’s

When your feet are swollen, you can make use of gravity by simply raising your legs above your heart level. Gravity will help ease the pain and reduce the swollen nature of your feet’s. This is because, when your legs are lifted up, built-up fluid from the lower extremities turns to drain and circulate properly. You can make use of books, or a pillow and place your feet on it while you lay down.

2. Massage Your Feet

if you have swollen feet’s, another solution is to massage it carefully. When you massage your feet, you put little pressure on the affected area which in turn helps to improve blood circulation and also causes fluid drainage which helps in reducing the swelling. You can massage the feet for 10 minutes two times a day depending on how bad the swelling is.

3. Exercise more often

if you have noticed when you travel and sit on one position for long your feet will certainly swell especially with cover shoes on. To avoid swelling feet, it is good to avoid sitting for long hours but incase it is not possible, then make sure to take short breaks and walk around. When it is possible, get engaged in some simple exercises. This will help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

4. Sock your feet in Rock Salt

According to some research, soaking your feet two times a day into this solution will help get rid of inflammations. All you need to do is, put a pinch of rock salt in a bucket of lukewarm water and then soak your feet in it for some time. It is advisable to use lukewarm water because, if you use hot water, it will instead cause the swelling to increase.

5. Consume magnesium rich foods

Water retention and the accompanying swelling can be a sign of a magnesium deficiency so it is important to consume magnesium rich foods. Some of this magnesium rich foods include, Legumes, milk, yogurt, spinach, Dark chocolate, black beans, almonds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds just to name a few.

To conclude when you realize that you have redness on your feet, blisters, drainage and increased pain on your feet, it is advisable to rush and see a doctor.