When we say AS AS is not good for people who want to settle together, some people think we want to kill their love story. Sickle cell children come as a result of two people who are either AS AS and come together and have children, or AS getting to have children with SS.

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a disease whereby the red blood cells become C-shaped, which causes impaired blood flow, pain, and other health problems. Sickle cell disease causes extremely painful issues, known as sickle cell pain crises. According to research, sickle cells break apart easily, clump together and stick to the walls of blood vessels which can block blood flow and cause extreme pain.

How to take care of Children with Sickle Cell Disease

1. Avoid infections
  • People with sickle cell disease are at risk of illnesses and infections from a type of bacterium called salmonella. To begin with, sickle cell patients should avoid raw or undercooked meats or eggs because these can get them infected.
  • Also, infections like the flu are very dangerous for sickle cell patients. Therefore, to reduce the spread of the flu virus and other germs, the patients and caregivers should make sure they are always clean.

Get a health care provider who knows how to work with sickle cell patients so that know how to handle your child. Also, make sure that your child doesn’t miss any of his or her injections (vaccines) because they are very important for their health.

2. Do not take fever lightly
  • As a parent with a sickler at home, you have to be very vigilant in watching your child. That is, if your child does not have a fever but is acting strangely, do not take it lightly. Call his doctor and tell him what changes you have noticed.

Also, fever is very bad for s sickle cell patients and should not be taken lightly. In case your child has a fever of 38.0°C and above, do not ignore it or try to treat it at home. Call his health care provider and tell him so that he advises you on what to do because it could be a sign of an infection.

3. Make sure your child is in a good environment
  • The environment in which your child is very important. Make sure that the child is very clean so that he doesn’t get any infections
  • Also, cold and extremely hot climates are not good for a sickle cell patient because they can trigger a sickle cell crisis which will cause pain throughout the body, which is a bad experience. Try as much as possible to make sure he wears a coat during cold weather and spends as much time as possible in air-conditioned areas on very hot days.
  • Also, make sure the sickle cell patient you are with, drinks enough water and stays hydrated. Staying hydrated helps reduce the rate at which crises may occur.
  • Furthermore, help the child to be part of support groups where they will learn different ways through which they can cope with these situations. They also help encourage these children because some get disturbed and even depressed because of this illness.