When we talk about sports, most people think it’s just getting up and running which is a major course of injuries while doing sports. Before engaging in any sports activity, warming up is very important for your health. For someone who is not used to exercising, it will take a lot of time to convince them about the importance of warming up. Some easy warm-up activities include cycling on a bike, jogging, stretching, etc.

Importance of warming up before exercising;

  1. Warming up physically warms the body temperature and prepares the muscles in you for the exercises you are about to engage yourself in.
  2. Warming up allows the body to move better, and it also allows it to be more efficient when it comes to energy production.
  3. Warming up helps improve and increase the rate at which your heart beats. This is because it makes the blood circulate more easily thereby making the heart function better.
  4. Warming up helps you breathe faster and better during your exercise. That is, when exercising, the body uses a lot of oxygen and produces more carbon dioxide. During exercise, there is a high oxygen demand and so to cope with this, you need to be able to breathe faster than usual. That is why warming up is important.
  5. Warming up helps increase blood flow in the muscles, making thememememem more relaxed and prepared for the exercises ahead. It enables you to have increased oxygen in the system.
  6. Warming up also aids in muscle elasticity, which helps you avoid unnecessary injuries and also helps you exercise much better.
  7. Warming up helps increase your flexibility and also prepares you mentally for the exercise journey you are about to embark on.
  8. Warming up helps your muscle relaxes so that you do not have things like muscle cramp affecting you during your workout session.

Note that, in as much as warming up before exercising is important, it is also very important to stretch your body after working out or exercising. That is, do some light exercises that will help stretch you. That is you can walk slowly, bend, rotate your hands, legs, neck, etc. this will help relax your muscle again so that you do not have body aches after exercising.