Senegal: Demonstration in Dakar against the rise in the price of electricity.

The national electricity company (Senelec) has increased its tariffs by 6 to 10% since December.
Two weeks ago, a rally against the rise had resulted in the arrest of several protesters outside the gates of the presidential palace, including activist Guy Marius Sagna and university professor Babacar Diop, still in detention. This Friday, December 13, more than 30 civil society organizations called for a march in the capital.

Dressed in a white garment and scarf on the head, Ndack Ndiaye, 73, dances in front of the sound truck. She wrote a few words on a cardboard sign, “everything is expensive, we are suffocating. The electricity bill is rising. Taxi drivers will say they will increase, shopkeepers will say they will increase. It is to the detriment of the consumer. ”

Jean-Pierre Dieng is the president of the national consumer union of Senegal. He remembers the mobilizations of 2007-2008. “We have never demonstrated since the hunger riots. We are returning to the field simply because, it is the same state of mind like that of today: it is to replenish the State’s coffers.”

Hundreds of demonstrators

In the procession, various slogans could be read on cardboards: “Free Guy Marius Sagna and Babacar Diop”, “Senegal is going badly”, “no to a third term” of President Macky Sall. A mixture of genres that expresses deep unease, according to Mr. Touré, consultant, who says he is demonstrating for the first time in his life. “Where I live, I waited six days for water, I’m tired of it. It’s the general malaise that has gathered these people here today. ”

They were hundreds of demonstrators in total. A lackluster mobilization regretted by Maïmouna Dièye, women coordinator of the Pastef party of Ousmane Sonko: “It is a shame that the people are still there to suffer the agony that this regime is imposing on us. ”
But it’s not over for these determined demonstrators, who promise to continue actions to get their message out.