Senegal: At 75, he is a student in Master II
Father of about twenty children, Diomaye Sène is now a student in Master II at the Institute of Human Rights and Peace of the University of Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar. Which makes him the oldest student in Senegal. On the campus, he attracts all eyes, with the same question hanging on his lips “But what is he doing here again?” Some will venture to think that he is there only because he has had a troubled school career, or is just keen on knowledge. Well no. And as proof, he is proud of himself, “I never repeated a class.” So how is it that this polygamous father finds himself at school at a very advanced age? That’s the whole question.

Diomaye Sène was born around 1944 in Toucare, a village located in Sine. From 1949, when he is admitted in primary school, he follows a normal course as any other student and attends classes until he gets his certificate of completion of elementary studies. It was after that, that he decided to go for vocational training in Saint-Louis. It is with pride that he says that at that time, “we were considered demi-gods” But alas, a family story will spoil everything. And this is the beginning of Diomaye Sène, between France, Senegal, the Air Force, passing through the Directorate of Taxes and Domains to end today at the University Cheikh Anta Diop, in Dakar.
Thus, a newspaper went out to meet the oldest student of the Senegalese territory. And unveils a video in which the patriarch sheds light on his story.

By Subiru Madina