The Social Democratic Front (SDF), major opposition political party in Cameroon has announced a full participation in the February 9, 2020 Municipal and Legislative elections. This decision was announced by the National president of the party, Ni John Fru Ndi in a communique who calls on all the different candidates at both levels to file in their application and make it available before the given date set bey ELECAM.

This decision came in to contradict the decision SDF took few days ago to abstain from the February 9 elections.

The party says the decision to take part in the February 2020 municipal and legislative elections was prompted by the several measure outlined by the Head of State Paul Biya to resolve the crisis currently plaguing the North West and South West regions.

SDF letter

The president of the Republic, Paul Biya stated in Paris that a special special will be granted to the Anglophones as a way to resolve the current crisis. This special status according to the president is not to temper with the unity of the country but rather to strengthen the unity of the country.

The party Chairman in a communique made public appointed a team tasked with the responsibility of coordinating the party’s candidates who will run for the February 9, 2020 municipal and legislative elections.

The SDF Chairman who also is the Chairman of the party’s investiture committee says in the communique ” i hereby grant investiture with a right to revision, to all the existing members of the National Assembly and instruct them to compile their candidature files accordingly. I hereby also direct that all the existing and duly invested Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Municipal Councillors should as well compile their candidature file”.

According to the Chairman any candidate who is not willing to run for the elections should immediately inform the regional executive in writing so that there will be a due process to make known the availability of such position(s) to the electoral district concerned.