The Social Democratic Front, SDF, has threatened to boycott the February 9, 2019 twin elections if peace is not restored in the two Anglophone regions of the country.  Joshua Osih, the first Vice president of the party made this declaration during a press conference in Yaounde today some hours ago.

Despite the limited time and irregularities complained by other political parties given by the government for parties to file in their candidacy for the election, Joshua Osih said it was the “force of experience” that made his party to meet up despite the limited time and irregularities.

“Despite having its candidates compile and submit their documents, the party can still decide not to participate,” Osih explained. “We hope that the president uses these two months to provide concrete and visible solutions for the return to peace in the North West and South West regions”, he said.

According to Joshua Osih, his party has suffered as a result of the crisis, with many of its members and candidates for the twin elections being hindered from presenting their candidacy due to the insecurity currently plaguing the regions.

“As we speak, close to 30 of our supporters have been captured by secessionists simply because they tried to become candidates on an SDF list. We have had many other challenges as far as compiling the different documents in those two parts of Cameroon was concerned…” Joshua Osih said.

Joshua Osih further called on the president to use his power to resolve the crisis before February 9 or his party will not participate in the election.“The fact that we have submitted candidacy files does not mean that we will be there on the 9th of February. We remind Cameroonians that the only person capable of putting an end to the war in the North West and South West is President Biya alone, and what we hope is that he will do that before February 9. If he doesn’t, it will be impossible for us to participate in the elections because we don’t want bloodshed.” Joshua Osih said.

According to Joshua Osih, his party is always available to contribute in restoring peace again in the two Anglophone region.