Russia Africa summit

Russia- Africa Summit: Highlights of Cameroon – Russia Cooperation

The first big Russia-Africa summit has opened in Sochi, where there will be question of collaboration between African countries and Russia. A first in the history of relations between this great world power and the continent. This meeting will help to find solutions for the development of political, economic, commercial and humanitarian cooperation with the continent and particularly with Cameroon.

Cooperation between Cameroon and Russia, the world’s second largest exporter of firearms in 2014, is far more military. Indeed in a military and technical agreement signed in 2015 by the representatives of the two states, the country of Vladimir Putin had made available to the Cameroonian army weapons and sophisticated military equipment of last generation, to fight Boko Haram. It had also deployed in the country, 1900 tons of food aid for refugees that the country hosts, for an amount of about 3 billion FCFA.

The strengthening of the Russian presence, a partner whose policy is non-interference in the internal affairs of the countries, also affects the economic aspect. In 2015 the presidency of the Republic announced that Cameroon would benefit more and more from Russian expertise in the field of industry and energy, with the participation of banks and large companies from Russia.

In the judicial field, one can read on the website of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon, in an article published in 2015, that Laurent ESSO had signed in Pietersburg, two cooperation agreements with Russia.

In 2014, the two countries celebrated 50 years of cooperation, we remember that even the former USSR trained Cameroonian pilots in his time, and Russia continues to train Cameroonian military doctors.