Born in Sedan, in the North of France on May 18 1960, Yannick Noah is a French musician of Cameroonian descent. He is the son of a Cameroonian footballer, Zacharie Noah, and a French mother Marie-Claire with a net worth of $13.8 million.

The 61 years old, Yannick Noah is a French musician of Cameroonian Nationality who began his musicmusic career in 1991 few years before retiring from professional tennis.

He began his professional music career with his first album titled “Black or What’’  released in 1991. This particular album is highly recognized because of a popular track titled “Saga Africa’’.

After recording great success with his first album, Yannick Noah in 1993 released his second album titled “Urban Tribu’’. Which gained popularity because of one of his singles titled “Get on Back’’. In 1998, he launched his third album titled “Zam Zam’’.

Furthermore, in 2022 after his music career had blossomed, he produced a fourth album in honor of himself and titled it “Yannick Noah’’.  He made a big name in the music industry. He later on partnered with the duo of Robert Goldman and Erick Benzi to write an album.

Also, in 2006, he released another album titled “Charango’’ which recorded over 1 million copies sold in France. Another of his albums titled “Pokhara’’ had a massive airplay of about 1.3 million copies sold.

His Relationship and family

It should be noted that, Yannick Noah got married to his first wife Cecilla Rodhe where they had two children, he later got married to a second wife Heather Stewart-Whyte where they equally had two children. He is currently married to a third wife Isabelle Camus and they have 1 child together.

Yannick Noah has the net worth of $13.8 million, making him the richest Cameroonian musician/artist of Cameroonian.

Note that, Yannick Noah was also a professional tennis player and his tennis career lasted for about 20 years where he bagged the overall of 16 doubles titles and 23 singles titles. His son Joakim Noah is professional basketball player

He is followed by Emmanuel N’Djoke Dibango, Manu Dibango one of the most popular Cameroonian musicians. He is a skilled vibraphone and saxophone player with a net worth of $9.9 million.