Today Sunday, October 22, 2019, at about 11am Fr Paul and I left for Bafut. Just after we got into the high way, on the stretch of road leading to Mile 8 from Ntambeng, precisely after the Presbyterian Church, Alachu Mankon, we were followed by two armoured cars, which we had by passed as we drove. We were asked to pull over and we did. There after they asked us to alight from the car. When we got out, the elements of the Batallion Intervention Rapide (BIR), who stopped us, accused us of over speeding and that such speed was suspicious. We told them we were hurrying to go for Mass.
They started searching the car and found receipts; Father explained to them that he was the Director of Caritas Bamenda. Then they searched further and found some packets sachets of whisky and a piece of paper bearing the colours of the “Ambazonian” flag, they said he was carrying contraband goods. At this juncture they asked me to look for another means to go for the Mass that they were going to take Father for further questioning. He was taken to the camp at the Bamenda Airport. That is when I called you to inform him that Father had been taken.