The repatriation of Cameroonians from Germany and the suspension of German visas to Cameroonians.

For some time now, Cameroonian nationals living on German territory have been confronted with the restrictive and conservatory measures of the government of this country.

Repatriations of Cameroonian citizens in an irregular situation are carried out, without forgetting the decision of the German Embassy in Yaoundé not to issue any more visas until further notice, except for business

trips and urgent cases. This exercise began on February 19, 2020.

So many steps suggest that in reality it is the activists of the Anti-Sardinard Brigade (BAS) and those of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) who are targeted in this operation.

Admittedly relations between Cameroon and Germany are in good shape, nevertheless Berlin has concerns with some Cameroonian nationals living on its territory.

This led her to take a number of restrictive and precautionary measures. According to some observers, it was the BAS that was behind this major purification operation.

The testimony of this Cameroonian is sufficiently edifying:

“The immediate cause is that the German authorities are overwhelmed by multiple complaints from peaceful Germans who complain about everything your Cameroonian brothers have been doing since the advent of

what you call” President Elect”.

Due to numerous complaints that the German police have received, they have decided to open an investigation. “

Huge sums of money pass through several European countries

This Cameroonian citizen, on condition of anonymity, added. “In this tote, which you call” president-elect “, the German police discover a big scheming with several tentacles.

From Germany via Paris, Lyon (France), Brussels, Namur, Liège (Belgium) to Italy. In these different countries, there are huge sums of money in transit, which end up in fake single-use bank cards.

Large sums of money whose origin is unknown … but which maintain a certain number of ills which Germany would happily do without.”