Pope Francis announced on today Tuesday November 26th that he will proclaim the use and possession of nuclear weapons “immoral” in the Catholic Church’s official manual, after visiting the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where atomic bombs were dropped during World War II. Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities are the only places that were targeted by nuclear weapons in the 1945 attacks by the United States which ended up killing 224,000 people.

The catechism is the church’s official instruction book, which summarizes the principles of the faith. “I have said that the use of nuclear weapons is immoral,” the Pope told reporters during his flight back to Rome. “This must go into the catechism of the Catholic Church, not just use but also possession,” he said, adding that “a government’s madness can destroy humanity”.

In 2018, Pope Francis also added a resounded his opposition of the death penalty to the manual.

Pope Francis condemned international organizations such as the United Nations Security Council because they did not take decisive action to diminish arms or put an end to wars. He further blamed “the hypocrisy’’ of the Christian Countries in Europe who ‘’produce weapons.’’ He says “they talk peace and they live for weapons, its called hypocrisy’’.

He cited that they should be bold enough to admit that they are enjoying the war because they are making money from it. “A nation must have the courage to say, I cannot speak of peace because my economy is gaining a lot with weapons manufacturing.” He also advice that, with nuclear energy, he believed its use came with risks.

However, it should be noted that Pope Francis had craved to go to Japan ever since he went there when he was a little boy and still in Mission school.The pope also echoed how he loves and badly wants to visit Beijing, China.